Insignis Cars are a well known UK based car dealer with national coverage who specialise in left hand drive car imports. They also provide services to deal with modification and preparation of vehicles for imports in their own workshop.

CLIENT: Total Automotive Solutions Ltd

DATE: November 2015

ONLINE: www.prestige-car-sales.com

Services: Website



Multicurrency & Multi-Tax Support


As Insignis Cars we were to looking to list all cars held in stock plus also all the models that they could source, we recommended and set up WooCommerce with a Wordpress Content Management System (CMS). This means they can list and maintain a huge database of stock on their website with minimum effort.

"Essiem took the time to understand the intricacies of our business in doing so it enabled them to produce a site that met our spec in terms of content, functionality and looks without having to go back and forth and continually with alterations and missing features. Couldn’t be happier."

Chris Whiteman - Director