White Court Art is a world class online art gallery selling fine art internationally.  They work with a range of well established artists to sell their work online across the world, distributing from three offices in the UK and New York.



The owners of White Court Art were looking for a new brand that would rank them alongside a number of other elite art galleries leading online sales. As they operate predominantly online, they also wanted their brand to be modern and contemporary to align with their medium. We created the new White Court Art branding which is now used across all their communication channels.



Once the new branding was established we designed their bespoke website to reflect this, with a clean, modern design showcasing their artwork.

The listing for each piece of art was created to give the feel of an information card in an art gallery, to give a personal touch and high quality user experience.

Ease of adding art listings

Being able to easily add and manage art listings was highly important for our customers due to the fast turnover of their stock.   We delivered a custom build Content Management System (CMS) interface with upload buttons and simple text fields which was designed to automatically display the content in the desired format.  This new upload and amend process was much quicker for the owners, meaning they could spend their valuable time on the business and not on managing the website.

Custom collections

As White Court Art’s presence is predominantly online, being able to set up art collections on their website like a physical gallery was important. We built the website to allow multiple collections to be clearly displayed and as online collections, they could also list as many as required and change them regularly to keep the website content fresh.

Client Comments

"Since our website design, the results have been phenomenal. We have had so much positive feedback, our artists love how their work is being presented and sales are really strong. It was a pleasure to work with the team and we highly recommend them to others."
Richard - Director