Our Project Process

Our tried and tested website project mangement process ensures we deliver on time and in budget

We understand how important it is to you that your website is delivered without a hitch.  Our project process has been designed to ensure all of our website launches run smoothly.
Our clients benefit from:
  • A full project plan
  • Project milestones to ensure timely delivery
  • Project clarity via online project management software
  • Efficient supplier/client relationship
  • Weekly project reports and status updates

1. Discovery

We believe that in order for us to get you the best results from your website design we need to fully understand your business.  We invest time in a full discovery process to learn about your business and understand your customers' buying process. From this we can create a customer avatar and support your market research and competition study.

2. Proposal Presentation

Only when the discovery process is complete and we have a full understanding of your requirements we provide you with a detailed proposal. This ensures that everyone fully understands the website specification and confident with the expectations.

3. Project Orientation

Welcome to Essiem.  We walk you through our process and software with guidance on usage and set up regular meetings to ensure you always know how your project is progressing.

4. Website Planning

The second most important stage after discovery is planning your website to ensure that it is useful and intuitive for your customers. A full content review and page planning around this will impact the entire project, content is king.

5. Design

So we know what your customers want from your website and we have planned the content to meet their needs. Time to make your website look stunning.

Using your company logo and branding we will create a beautiful bespoke design to make your company stand out from the crowd. Website conversion strategies are built in to the design.

6. Development

Website functionality is built and tested with the latest coding standards. All of our websites are fully responsive to all device sizes.  Comprehensive testing of all aspects of your website is complete before client presentation.

7. Delivery

Your website is complete and ready to go live.  Your new site is launched along with optional website usage training videos. After launch we monitor the website and continue with your digital marketing strategy.

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