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What is the one thing in your life that excites you the most?

When are you at your absolute happiest?

What's your big challenge that scares you to think about doing it?


I love big questions. No small talk please. The answers you get tell you so much about a person. And way more interesting than the standard “so what do you do…?” right!? If someone asks me what I do then I would tell them I own a web design company. But what excites me the most?

Working with amazing businesses and helping them grow.
Meeting entrepreneurs.
Inspiring people.
Working with Communities.

Hearing about people’s business ideas and getting to know the people who are making them a success. A working week for me usually involves a coffee in hand and getting to talk to amazing, inspiring creators and working together to build their businesses. And that makes me so happy and grateful – every single day.

Our growth and success is measured solely by the results of your business.

If you are not growing, neither are we.

OK, lets do this!

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My story

Hi, I’m Tom, the owner of Essiem. I guess you could say that my decision to start a company was inevitable. I come from a family of business owners, entrepreneurs and visionaries so I always knew that I wanted to follow in their amazing footsteps and build a company.

After spending most of my childhood growing up in Holland I came back to the UK to study and spent my early career in Cambridge, running backstage and AV setup at concerts and events before building my first website in 2004. From that point on I was hooked and jumped straight into the deep end as a freelance designer and developer gaining lots of valuable experience.

The web design industry has changed beyond anyone’s expectations over that time with technology advancing at breakneck speed but even back then I could see that websites would be a compulsory component of every business in the future. Early websites were clunky and many were so difficult to use. Great usability was something I pushed for consistently (and still do).

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