Top 5 Website Design Trends to Watch in Hereford for 2023


Bold Typography

Bold typeface has been popular for a while, but in 2023, it’s anticipated to grow even more. On a website, using strong typeface may make a statement and highlight significant content. It’s also a powerful method to give a website personality and establish a distinctive brand identity. It’s crucial to choose a typeface that is simple to read and blends in with the overall aesthetic of the website when employing strong typography. Dropbox, Intercom, and Stripe are a few websites that efficiently use strong typeface.

Dark Mode

Dark mode has been a trend in recent years, and in 2023, it’s anticipated to acquire even more traction. A website’s dark mode may ease eye strain and make the material easier to view in dim light. It may also provide a sleek, contemporary appearance. It’s crucial to think about the contrast between the text and backdrop as well as the overall colour scheme when building a website for dark mode. Apple, Slack, and Twitter are a few websites that efficiently use the dark mode.

3D Design and Illustration

In 2023, it’s anticipated that 3D design and illustration will grow increasingly popular. A website’s usage of 3D features may provide the user a more immersive experience by adding depth and realism. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to present goods or services in a more interesting way. It’s critical to maintain the website’s speed and responsiveness while employing 3D design and imagery. Adidas, BMW, and Google are a few websites that successfully use 3D design and imagery.


In 2023, it’s anticipated that the trend of minimalism in website design will still be prevalent. A website may seem tidy, contemporary, and simple to use by using a minimalist design. Additionally, it can facilitate highlighting crucial information and foster a more concentrated user experience. It’s crucial to take into account the utilisation of white space, font, and colour while creating a minimalist website. The successful use of minimalism on websites can be seen on sites like Airbnb, Dropbox Paper, and Medium.

Augmented Reality

In website design, augmented reality is a style that is likely to grow in 2023. When used on a website, augmented reality can give users a more involved and interesting experience and help show off goods or services in a more creative way. It can also make the user’s experience more remembered. When using augmented reality, it’s important to make sure the website stays fast and efficient and that everyone can use the technology. Gucci, IKEA, and Sephora are all good examples of websites that use virtual reality well.


Following the most recent developments in website design trends may make Hereford companies stand out from the crowd and provide users with a more interesting browsing experience. There are several methods to combine these trends into a website design, such employing strong font, dark mode, 3D design and graphics, minimalism, or augmented reality. Businesses may remain ahead of the curve in 2023 by doing this and developing a more creative and distinctive online presence.

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