Colour cards
Fri 18th August 2017
Design Branding

As designers, understanding colour is integral to what we do and we know how important a colour scheme can be to a company’s image. Getting the colour right can make your brand instantly recognisable, emotive and unique, as well as setting the tone for all your brand communications.

Ubuntu and Roboto fonts
Tue 15th August 2017
Design Comparison

In addition to the five great google fonts of my previous post, here I have discussed two beautiful, stylish and very extensive google webfont families and their variants.

Tue 15th August 2017
Design Comparison

In an age of unprecedented technological growth in an increasingly busy society, the question must be asked – Is the Web more effective than Print for advertising a business?

Google Logo
Tue 15th August 2017

Here are my favourite features of our Google Fundamentals Package that in my experience are the most likely to be overlooked:

Sat 10th October 2015

Our clients often ask us if they should make their website responsive. Our answer is always – absolutely.
So what is a responsive website?  In a nutshell it is a mobile-friendly website which adapts when viewed on different screen sizes so it always looks at its best.

Drupal Logo
Sat 10th October 2015
Drupal Development Comparison

Its no secret that the Essiem team are Drupal enthusiasts.  We love it.

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