White Court Art is a world-class online art gallery selling fine art internationally. They work with a range of well-established artists to sell their work online across the world, distributing from three offices in the UK and New York.

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Client Brief

As a British contemporary art dealer and gallery, the design of the website had followed existing trends for the industry. Their portfolio of artwork values range from £100s to £10,000s which can require visitors being able to make offers, each product required a variety of options to list each artwork in a different manner.


The staff at White Court Art have full control over their art products being able to add a variety of different content, including video and audio, to display the artwork in its best light. They also have full management of the categories and organisation of the display to maximise visitor user experience. With all of this capability, the e-commerce interface is very easy to use with simple fields and uploads.

Kind words from the customer

Since our website design, the results have been phenomenal. We have had so much positive feedback, our artists love how their work is being presented and sales are really strong. It was a pleasure to work with the team and we highly recommend them to others.