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Increase your following and engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+

The best gift anyone has ever given your business….

There is no doubt about it, social media is the most incredible thing to have happened to businesses.  It is the most enormous marketing network imaginable, almost everybody is on social media all the time so you can quite literally get your product or service in front of whoever you want, whenever you want - and all for free.

Amazing, right?!  Well yes, amazing.  But possibly also a little overwhelming.  And time consuming. 
Maybe you haven't got time to constantly check and update your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ (and the list goes on…).  And maybe you're not sure if you're making the best use of your social media profiles - are you posting the right type of content?  Often enough? Too often?

If you need any help at all with social media we're here with tons of experience and advice to offer.  Lets have a meeting and a coffee and talk about how we can help.

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Why you should definitely be taking advantage of social media

Here are just some of the ways that free marketing on social media could help your company:


Make it easy for people to find your company online


Generate traffic for your website


Generate awareness for your brand or for specific parts of the brand


Push specific products and lead fans to a landing page where they can convert


Engage fans to interact with the page and develop brand loyalty/ambassadorship


Make your company name one that people know and see over and over again

Customer Service

Focus on providing customer service or taking in feedback from customers


Are my social media profiles optimised?

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Social Media Profile Optimisation

How Essiem can help with your social media strategy

We offer three different levels of social media management depending on how involved you want to be with implementing the strategy on a day to day basis.


Strategy & Training

We create a strategy and present it to you along with guidance on how to implement it.


Strategy, Implementation & Training

We create the strategy, implement the majority of it but provide training to staff around implementing various elements.


Fully Managed

We fully manage everything

How do we develop a social media strategy?

Month 1 - Campaign setup

To kick off your campaign, we start with a full analysis of your current social media activity and set customisable goals for content, engagement and posting.  This includes:

  • Social media audit
  • Social media playbook
    • Buyer persona
    • Communications objective
    • Content strategy and content vertical themes
    • Response protocol/escalation process
    • Message flowchart for comments management
    • Tailored audience for the page
  • Account creation and optimization
  • Profile picture creation and cover photo creation
Monthly (starting month 2): Posts & Ads Management

From month 2 we provide professional content for your review and approval at the start of each month.  From now on the strategy will include:

  • Monthly content planning
  • Content creation and posting
    • 14 high-quality graphic posts every month
    • 8 high-quality curated articles every month
  • Monthly social media paid ad campaign management
    • Ads creation (2 per month, graphics with text)
    • Campaign budget recommendation 
  • Ad hoc social media hours
    • Three hours dedicated to ad hoc tasks on custom content, contests, analytics, reports, or strategy
  • Follower growth
  • Monthly social media report for Facebook
    • Social media snapshot (overview)
    • Network growth/reach
    • Engagement report 
    • Content report/content consumption
    • Performance analysis and recommendations

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