Travel & Tourism SEO Case Study Travel Tourism SEO Case Study

This website operates within the travel sector, specialising in curated tours.

Interestingly, this client already had a dedicated content team on board, so our sole emphasis was on link building.

From the moment they commenced purchasing packages from us, the estimated traffic stood at roughly 1,700 per month, but it has since soared to over 10,000 per month!

Here’s our approach:

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The SEO Audit

The initial step we invariably take as part of our managed SEO service is to conduct a site audit.

We examine aspects like existing traffic, backlinks, anchor text, among others.

We discovered no penalties on the site, setting off on a positive note, thanks to their in-house content team and their consistency.

Prior to engagement, they were already embarking on a-la-carte link building, securing between 5 to 15 DA30+ Link Outreach links each month.

Having observed that, we noticed their focus on exact match anchors. To safeguard this site, we aimed to ensure diversity while devising the campaign. Over-optimising your anchor text can pose issues, so we duly acknowledged that.

Keyword Research – “Easy Wins”

We’re always on the hunt for keywords that can offer “quick wins”. During our preliminary analysis, we unearthed 926 easy win keywords ranking between positions 4 to 30.

This was encouraging news, and a lot of their pages showcased promising ranking potential. We collaborated with the client to select high volume targets, but also leveraged this to pinpoint LSI keywords that could serve as anchor text in our link building efforts.

Keyword Research – Competitive Gap Analysis

The competitive gap analysis is crafted to help us unearth keywords that your competitors are ranking for, but you’re currently missing out on. These are often dubbed as your hidden goldmines.

We discovered 92 keywords that were off their radar, yet were being targeted by their competitors.

Typically, we utilise this as a foundation for content creation, but given that they had their own content creation team, we shared this intelligence with them, enabling them to generate this content.

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The SEO Campaign & Execution

As noted earlier, they were already acquiring high-quality links from us, laying down a solid foundation.

Here’s a snapshot of a typical monthly campaign:

12x DA20 Link Outreach
2x DA30 Link Outreach
2x DA40 Link Outreach
It’s crucial to mention that we employed natural, benign, and “easy wins” LSI type keywords as anchor text to maintain a nice diversity.

SEO Ranking Results

The outcomes of this campaign have been superb, with steady ascents observed month after month.

Travel & Tourism SEO Case Study TourismKW

This site now enjoys top rankings for competitive keywords, and boasts an estimated traffic value of $26,000 per month.

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