SEO for Law Firms: 500–7,000 Visitors Per Month SEO for Law Firms 500–7000 Visitors Per Month

In this case study, you’ll discover how we boosted a law firm’s website traffic by an impressive 800% in just six months. This increase in traffic now holds a monthly value of £11,714.

Law firms are increasingly reliant on web traffic for generating leads. With a 15% rise in the number of active lawyers over the past decade, standing out on Google requires top-notch SEO.

Achieving these results didn’t require a massive investment or complex strategies.

Curious about our approach? Read on to find out!

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A law firm approached us at the end of 2019 seeking to enhance their website’s performance. Launched in June 2015, the site had seen little growth in traffic over four years.

As of October 2019, when they began using our managed SEO service, the firm’s organic traffic was just above 500 visitors monthly.

Their goal was to boost online rankings, driving more qualified traffic to their site, thereby increasing leads and client acquisition.

The SEO Audit

Our initial step for any client is a thorough SEO audit. Understanding the starting point is crucial for planning effective strategies.

The legal industry is notably competitive. Our audit revealed that ranking locally in their city for “law firm” would require approximately 310 backlinks to break into the top 10 search results.

Although the firm had some success in acquiring backlinks independently, it was evident that further efforts were needed, which is where our expertise in link building comes into play.

“Easy Wins” Keyword Research

We focus on identifying “easy wins” keywords – terms for which the website is already ranking in positions 4-30. Targeting these keywords can yield quick traffic boosts.

We identified 667 such keywords, some with high search volumes, and used them strategically to improve overall rankings.

During our research, we discovered valuable keywords not used in ad campaigns. For example, “domestic violence charge in Texas” had a cost-per-click (CPC) of £90. Ranking for such terms promised substantial value, especially in the competitive legal industry.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Understanding competitors’ strategies offers invaluable insights. Our competitive gap analysis identified numerous unique keywords not utilized by our client, especially in their specialty area of marijuana laws. We leveraged these findings to drive targeted traffic through tailored website content and blog posts.

The SEO Strategy

The law firm benefitted from our link-building program, receiving contextual links from authoritative sites. Coupled with high-quality guest posts, these strategies are highly effective in enhancing search engine rankings.

We offered a fully customizable guest posting service, where clients could choose the length and focus of the posts based on domain authority or website traffic.

We set realistic expectations about SEO results, explaining the typical timeline for noticeable changes. The results, once they materialized, were exceptional.

Our Results

This case study is a prime example of textbook SEO execution.

From about 500 organic visitors at the campaign’s start in October 2019, the firm’s traffic escalated to over 7,700 monthly visitors by May 2020.

This represents an over 800% increase in organic traffic!

Our blend of foundational link building and guest posting propelled many valuable keywords into the top 10. Notably, terms related to marijuana and domestic abuse reached Google’s first page, contributing significantly to the traffic surge.

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The firm’s referring domains soared by more than 1,000%.

This campaign, focused solely on organic traffic, saw the client’s traffic value jump from approximately £550 to £11,714 per month. This growth was achieved without paid advertising, underscoring the efficacy of our SEO strategies.

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Opting for a comprehensive, autopilot SEO campaign managed by experts, the firm experienced a remarkable 800% increase in organic traffic, securing a top position in search engine results pages (SERPs) and significantly boosting their lead and client base.

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