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User Experience (UX)


Are you satisfied with your website’s user experience, or do you find that visitors are getting frustrated due to navigation issues?


Request a free, no-obligation video review of your website and find out how to improve your user experience. Transform visitor frustration into seamless navigation and engaging experiences.

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Outdated Design


Is your website design still fresh and appealing, or have you noticed that it might be falling behind the modern design trends?


Request a free, no-obligation video review of your website and find out how to improve your design. Stay ahead of the design curve and captivate your audience with modern aesthetics and compelling content.

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Ineffective Calls to Action (CTAs)


Are your calls to action (CTAs) strategically placed and persuasive, guiding visitors towards the actions you want them to take?


Request a free, no-obligation video review of your website and find out how to improve your call to actions. Boost conversions by strategically guiding visitors with persuasive calls to action. Let us help you drive results

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Lack of Integration


Is your website seamlessly integrated with the tools you rely on for business operations, such as payment gateways and customer management systems?


Request a free, no-obligation video review of your website and find out how to improve your website integration. Optimise operational efficiency by ensuring flawless integration with essential business tools like payment gateways and customer management systems.

Explore how we can streamline your website for smoother transactions and superior management.

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How we work

Our Process for Successful Website Design

Stage 1

Project Setup

Timescale - 1 week

The project setup stage defines the nuts and bolts of the project and defines the processes and standards for the following stages.

  • Client stakeholders and their roles
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Timelines and deadlines
  • Approval process
Stage 2

Discovery & Planning

Timescale - 4 weeks

We do not underestimate the value that can be added during the planning stage and we would typically allow for 4 weeks of planning and business discovery. The more we know about your business and your customers, the better we can succeed.

  • Business Discovery
  • Competitor Research
  • End User Research
  • Content Strategy

Stage 3


Timescale - 4 weeks

This is where the project starts to come visually alive. We’ll be going through several design iterations, wireframing & prototyping to ensure that the design not only looks good but also enhances user experience and serves your business objectives.

  • High-fidelity wireframes
  • Design Mockups
  • User Experience (UX) Plan
  • Developing prototypes

Stage 4


Timescale - 8 to 12 weeks

After exhaustive planning and meticulous design, we now move into the development stage. This is where the rubber meets the road. This stage is not just about coding; it’s about transforming the agreed-upon designs into a functional reality while ensuring top-notch performance and security.

  • Responsive to all devices
  • Latest browser compatibility
  • Functional testing
  • System and API integrations

Stage 5

Support, Analytics & Optimisation

Timescale - Ongoing

Once the product is up and running, the next crucial stage is Analytics & Optimisation. We’ll be diving into the data to understand how users are interacting with your platform. This means tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), setting up dashboards, and using advanced analytics tools to really get into the nitty-gritty of user behaviour.

  • Post-Launch Support
  • Analytics Setup
  • Performance Optimisation Plan

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What is included in Essiem's website design services?

Essiem is a web design company that prioritises providing services that are specifically catered to the demands of your business. Because of this, we provide a fully customisable approach that enables you to alter every aspect of our services to satisfy the unique needs of your business. The end result is a website that your visitors will adore and that is perfectly in line with the goals and objectives of your business.

Fast Loading

It’s crucial to give your website visitors a seamless and quick user experience in the fast-paced digital world of today. Websites that take too long to load can frustrate visitors and turn them away, which can hurt your company’s sales. Our team makes sure that every website design is optimised because we recognise the value of websites that load quickly. We can produce websites that load quickly, offering a positive user experience that keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more by incorporating techniques like image compression, browser caching, and code minification.

Bespoke Design

Your website must accurately represent your brand, which is why our web design services come with an array of limitless style options that adhere to project deadlines and reasonable constraints. Our team can, for instance, create a sophisticated design for your business that highlights the high quality and affordable range of your products.

When requesting a quote online or speaking with our strategists about your website design, we encourage you to mention your personal preferences in terms of fashion. Your committed project manager will take the time to become familiar with your company, your objectives, and your vision.

Responsive design

All of our website designs are fully responsive to all devices and browsers as this creates a better experience for mobile users. This is especially important for online buyers who browse the web on a tablet or smartphone.

It is crucial to offer support for users who are on the go because mobile users now account for more than 50% of all Internet traffic. As Google now follows a mobile-first index, which means it crawls and views websites from the perspective of a mobile user rather than a desktop user, it is also best practise for SEO.

Google notices if your website doesn’t support mobile users — and changes your ranking in search results. Because of this, your website may rank lower, moving it to page two of search results and further from your target market.

That won’t happen to your company thanks to our responsive design option.

Clear Calls To Action

We understand the importance of guiding visitors towards taking a desired action on your website. That’s why our website designs feature clear and prominent calls to action throughout the site. By strategically placing call-to-action buttons, forms, and other elements, we help your visitors understand exactly what steps they need to take to engage with your business. This not only improves the user experience, but also increases the chances of converting visitors into leads or customers. With our clear calls to action, your website will drive more business for your company.

Easy content management via CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) is incredibly valuable whether you have an informational or e-commerce website. It can aid in managing and streamlining your company’s content, enhancing the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

We can match your precise web design requirements because we are a full-service digital marketing agency. We can offer an unmatched level of personalisation in web design thanks to our ability to adapt every aspect of our services to your business.

Website copywriting

Along with our web design services, we also provide website copywriting for maximum impact. Our team of copywriters is skilled and knowledgeable. We can produce compelling copy that captivates and converts website visitors thanks to their expertise in both technical and non-technical industries.

We optimise the copy on your website for SEO as part of our website copywriting services. Why does that matter? Our copywriters optimise your webpages using high-value, pertinent keywords that our digital marketing specialists have researched for your company, sector, and website.

When customers use those keywords in their searches, your website appears near the top of the results. That’s a huge benefit considering that 75% of users don’t click through to the second page of search results and that the first search result receives more than 30% of all clicks.

Search engine optimisation

We don’t just create aesthetically pleasing websites. In order to maximise the effectiveness of your website design or redesign plan and enhance your digital marketing strategy, our team also incorporates SEO best practises. High-value users who are more likely to visit your store, make online purchases, or request quotes will visit your website more frequently as a result of the increased visibility and ranking that SEO techniques give it for relevant search results. We offer SEO services as part of our web design packages to help your website perform well and rank highly in search engine results.

Tell me more


Starting a website design project is simple. Just get in touch with us by phone or email to arrange a meeting with our staff. We’ll talk about your business objectives, target market, and design preferences during the consultation. In order to develop a tailored website design strategy that fits your needs, timeline, and budget, our team will collaborate closely with you to understand your specific requirements.

We’ll start the project’s development phase as soon as you give your approval for the design plan. In order to set your website apart from the competition, our team will construct the framework, design the layout, and incorporate the necessary features and functionality during this phase.

Additionally, we’ll work with you to make sure your website is responsive across all devices and browsers and search engine optimised. We’ll give you training and ongoing support after your website is finished so you can manage and maintain it successfully.

Our team will keep in close contact with you throughout the entire project to make sure the outcome exceeds your expectations and meets your goals. So let’s get started designing a website that differentiates your company and gets results. Call us right away to arrange a consultation.

Yes. Social networking and other third-party resources can be integrated into your website design. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more are familiar to our crew. E-commerce systems like Shopify or WooCommerce, email marketing solutions like Mailchimp, and plugins can be integrated. Integrating these techniques can boost website traffic and audience engagement. During the first consultation, we will analyse your objectives and goals and offer the finest tools and platforms for your website design.

Yes, we offer website maintenance and updates following the completion of the initial design. We recognise that a website is not a one-time project and requires ongoing maintenance to remain functional and up-to-date. Our team can provide routine maintenance services, such as software updates, security patches, content updates, and performance optimisation, to ensure that your website is always operationally sound. In addition, we can assist you in implementing new features or functionality as your business requirements evolve. Depending on your needs, our website maintenance services are available on an ongoing or as-needed basis. Contact us to discuss your website maintenance requirements and how we can assist you in keeping your site secure and up-to-date.

Yes, every design on our websites is fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices. This means that your website’s design and content will automatically adapt to provide the best possible viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A responsive website design is more crucial than ever due to the rise in users browsing the internet on mobile devices. Because Google favours mobile-friendly websites, it not only improves user experience but also elevates your website’s search engine ranking. Therefore, you can be sure that your website will look fantastic and work perfectly on all devices.

Yes, we can create a website that is optimized for search engines (SEO). Our team of experienced web designers and developers works closely with our SEO specialists to ensure that every website we create follows best practices for SEO. We will optimize your website’s structure, content, and code to improve its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). This includes keyword research, on-page optimization, and other SEO strategies that are necessary to improve your website’s search engine visibility. By ensuring that your website is optimized for SEO, we can help you attract more high-quality traffic to your website, generate leads, and increase conversions.

At Essiem, we specialize in providing custom website designs tailored to the specific needs and preferences of our clients. While pre-made templates can be a cost-effective option, they can limit the functionality and creativity of a website. We believe that a custom website design allows for greater flexibility and uniqueness, providing a more personalized and effective online presence for your business. Our team will work closely with you to understand your brand and vision, and develop a website that represents your business in the best possible way.

The complexity of the website, the number of pages, and the needs of the client are just a few of the variables that can affect how long it takes to design a website. A straightforward website with a few pages typically takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete, whereas a more intricate website with numerous features and customised functionality may take several months. Our team collaborates closely with clients to comprehend their unique needs and objectives in order to create a customised timeline. We put a high priority on timely delivery without sacrificing the design quality of the website, and we keep our clients updated at every stage to ensure transparency and effective communication.