The success of all projects pivots around a single element: content.

In our 9 years completing website and digital marketing projects, we know how important content is and how critical well planned content is on the result.

This is why we are a Content First Digital Agency. We put a significant amount of effort into the early stages of our projects; researching and planning the content before we even think about design.

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Boost your business’s growth and success by leveraging Essiem’s expertise in diverse digital channels.

Is your content failing to engage or reach the right audience?

Our Website Content Strategy service can revitalize your online presence. We devise comprehensive content strategies that align with your business goals, improving your site’s relevance and authority, and driving more targeted traffic to your site for increased engagement and conversions.

Struggling to produce content that resonates with your audience?

Our Content Creation service crafts compelling, high-quality content tailored to your brand’s voice and audience’s needs. From blog posts to videos, we help you create content that captivates, educates, and converts, enhancing your online visibility and authority.

Is your website outdated, unresponsive, or hard to navigate?

Our website design services can help you create a modern, user-friendly website that not only looks great but also functions seamlessly to attract and engage your target audience, ultimately leading to more conversions and sales.

Is your online store not performing as expected?

Our E-commerce solutions optimize your online shop for better user experience and increased sales. We focus on creating smooth navigation, faster load times, and compelling product displays to convert visitors into loyal customers, ensuring your e-commerce platform stands out in the competitive market.

There isn’t enough traffic to my website.

Without reliable site traffic, you lose out on profitable customers, leads, and sales. Fortunately, you can get back on track with the help of our tailored SEO strategies, which increase your visibility in search engine results so that more people can discover and visit your website.

Not appearing in local search results?

Our Local SEO services put your business on the map. We optimize your online presence for local searches, ensuring your business ranks highly in search engine results for your area. This increases visibility to local customers, driving foot traffic and boosting sales for your physical location.

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Is your business the right fit for us?

Looking for the right web design and digital marketing partner? It’s crucial to understand our best collaborations. Here’s a quick guide to see if we’re a great match:

Which are you?

  • ❌ “I just want a Home, About and a Services page”
  • ❌ “Content writing is easy, I don’t need a plan”
  • ❌ “I need it ASAP”

If you fall into this category:

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  • ✅ Motivated by growth and scale
  • ✅ Aim to stand out from industry standards.
  • ✅ Commit to strategies for testing, analysis, and iteration.

If you fall into this category, let's go!

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Learn why businesses trust us to power their growth.

Content-First Approach

We dive deep to understand your brand’s story and how it resonates with your audience, crafting digital experiences that not only meet your goals but also enhance your brand’s voice.

As a content-first digital agency, we position ourselves as more than just service providers; we become your brand advocates. Committed to your narrative’s power, we work alongside you to ensure that your digital presence is not just seen but felt and remembered, turning your online space into a dynamic and engaging platform for growth.

Boutique Agency Commitment

We are a boutique agency that cherishes deep connections and personalised experiences, focusing exclusively on a limited number of projects to ensure each client receives our undivided attention.

Choosing us means you’re partnering with a team that places a higher value on quality over quantity. Our boutique scale ensures that you’re recognised not just as another account but as a valued partner, offering you direct access to our agency owner whose vision and passion are woven into the fabric of our operations.

Our boutique nature means we’re invested in your bottom line as much as our own, showcasing that our compact team is capable of delivering substantial results without the hefty overheads typical of larger agencies.

Growth Partnership

We take the time to get to know your business in order to provide a digital experience that supports your objectives, improves operational effectiveness, and appeals to your target market.

We’re not just a web design company; we’re your business growth partners. Our philosophy centres around stepping into your world, understanding your ambitions, and aligning ourselves as an extension of your team. Success for us isn’t just about delivering a website; it’s about empowering your business with strategies that have a track record of success. We’re committed to your growth, working hand in hand to transform your online presence into a thriving, successful venture.

We accept the challenge!

What our clients say about us

Our new and engaging website reaches not only local but national coverage. The effective design layout and engagement by users has enabled Menta, the Suffolk Enterprise Agency, to significantly raise its profile and web presence. This was a contributory factor in Menta winning the national ‘future of enterprise award’. The attention to detail and precision has led to a relationship that has delivered excellent results on time and to budget, in a business centric manner.

Alex Till

Chief Executive

Tom has recently built a new website for my business, he took the time to understand our requirements and worked with us to ensure we got the right message across. The website looks great. Any changes are updated promptly and Tom always responds quickly to any questions or queries. Importantly we are picking up clients who have found us on Google!

Chris Hutchings


Since going live and even though we have more pages to add, I have received unanimous approval from members in the Citizens’ Senate – and I know these people are hard to please!!  So, I would like to thank Essiem Ltd and you personally, for your support and guidance in helping us achieve our aspirations.  I know that occasionally we were quite demanding, but you always maintained a polite and professional approach, whilst seeking to guide and encourage.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with you and I look forward to working with you on the next phase.

Trevor Fernandes

Chair EoE Citizens’ Senate

I could not recommend Tom enough, he guided me through every stage of preparing the website, being very patient and understood the look I wanted very quickly. Very very happy with the end result. I like the fact that the service is ongoing to ensure the website always looks fresh.

Tracy Minns


Our work with Essiem was to design a website that is unique in structure but captivating in style, they managed to achieve where others have tried and failed. We are not an easy company to work for as we are very specific and nit-picky in what we are wanting to achieve but the patience and attention to detail that Tom provided was and still is amazing. A terrific person to work with and a continuing relationship with new adventures to look forward to in the future.

Callum Cook

Marketing Executive

You soon realise how important it’s going to be to get the right person for your business. Someone you feel at ease with, who isn’t trying to oversell you or bamboozle you with tech jargon. Tom was pleasant and easy to talk to right from the start. He explained how he works to build the website and how invoicing would follow each section of the build. He came with this breakdown to our first meeting, so we were able to easily compare his cost to others. He wasn’t the cheapest person we spoke to but we liked him and felt he understood our business.

Not only has Tom produced a get new brand identity for Architecture Workshops, but knowing I have a professional on board who I can trust with the website SEO, Social Media Marketing etc. allows me to concentrate on developing the actual workshops we run in schools.

Martin Jennings


Tom made the process of creating my company website very smooth. He is organised and knowledgeable. And also patient and easy to work with. We worked hard to get the website just right. I am so pleased with it and have received lots of complimentary feedback. Thank you, Tom!

Laura Passey


DigiCAD Ltd first approached Essiem with an idea for a website. Essiem not only turned this idea into a great website they helped us shape our online business and truly define our brand identity. We couldn’t recommend them enough, thanks again for all of your help!

Tim Winwood


Case Studies
Can I see some of you SEO success?

Our Digital Marketing Success Stories

Car Dealer PPC: 752 Leads In 90 Days! Car Dealer PPC 752 Leads In 90 Days
Campaign Length
3 Mo
Monthly Budget
Generated Leads
Small Business

Car Dealer PPC: 752 Leads In 90 Days!

Learn how we took a failing Google Ads campaign and turned it into an incredible success in the auto dealership niche.

Online Store SEO (10X Increase In Traffic!) Online Store SEO 10X Increase In Traffic
Campaign Length
12 Mo
Monthly Budget
Organic Traffic

Online Store SEO (10X Increase In Traffic!)

See how, in just three months of working with us, we increased this company’s monthly website traffic from 500 to nearly 5,000 visits.

SEO for e-commerce (100–2300 visits per month) SEO for e commerce 100–2300 visits per month
Campaign Length
Monthly Budget
Organic Traffic
Organic Keywords

SEO for e-commerce (100–2300 visits per month)

Discover how, in just six months of working together, we used the power of long-form content to boost their organic traffic by over 2300%!

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