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Brook House Hops

About the brand

Brook House Hops is deeply committed to the quality of their hops, reflecting the same level of attention to detail that the finest craft brewers invest in their beer. Utilizing a fusion of modern technology and traditional farming techniques, they are elevating hop cultivation to new heights, exceeding their customers' expectations and empowering them to produce outstanding beer.

In their Herefordshire hop fields, Brook House Hops grows some of the most aromatic and vibrant hops in the world. Additionally, they source top-quality hops from their partners in the USA, New Zealand, and throughout Europe, providing commercial brewers with rapid access to the very best brewing ingredients.


Project Summary

Brook House Hops’ bespoke e-commerce platform features a unique approach to customer engagement and stock management. The platform requires users to register for an account to view prices and add items to their cart, with different user roles dictating access levels, product availability, and pricing. This customization extends to individual account pricing and stock allocation, managed through the website and a synchronized Google Sheet.

The platform supports complex shipping requirements, including different rules for domestic and EU shipments, and incorporates shipment tracking to enhance customer service. Additionally, the platform offers easy stock management through Google Sheets integration, stock notifications for high-demand products, and a wish/recipe list feature that allows users to save and share product lists for brewing recipes.

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Brook House Hops' innovative e-commerce platform now successfully integrates a user registration system that allows tailored access, pricing, and product availability based on user roles. This solution ensures personalized experiences while maintaining competitive confidentiality. The platform adeptly manages individual pricing and stock allocation, streamlined through both the website and Google Sheets, enhancing backend efficiency.

Private E-Commerce

As pricing of the hops was dependant on the customer and also to not reveal their prices to their competitors, visitors would have to register for an account before they could see prices and add items to cart. However, we still wanted to show the hops for sale to non-registered users as this would also benefit their organic rankings.

Account Registration & Approval

During the account registration process different users would require different levels of access, which would alter their prices and stock availability. An account approval process was built where each account would be manually reviewed and the account was assigned a certain role. This role would then determine what products, prices and availability the customer saw. Upon approval this then automatically triggered the necessary customer emails and account access.

Unique User Stock & Pricing

To further the pricing capability individual account would have their own pricing and stock allocation would would override their role based pricing and stock. Website admins are able to manage this list of user accounts via the website and via a synchronised Google Sheet.


As different product groups were being shipping from multiple suppliers they required a certain set of rules that defined the shipping costs based upon weight of the items and the shipping post codes. Discounts are also applied when whole pallets of item were orders and can be combined with products from different categories.

Shipment Tracking

A common query that the customer service team would get was customers finding out where their package is and when it will be delivered. This was time consuming for the team so we setup shipment tracking on every order that automatically sent shipment notifications to the customer by email and SMS to keep them informed and saving time for the customer service team.

Easy Stock Management

As the company made frequent stock and pricing updates which took a lot of their time. We created a simple to use updating method that integrated with their own Google Sheet, allowing for them to easily update all their stock and prices with just a few clicks.

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