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EMS had an existing website which was full of great content, what they were not happy with was the design and they wanted better support. They have a very bold colour scheme which can work well if used correctly and a great photography and video content. What was also very important was the planning to link their services, sectors, blog posts, knowledge hub and case studies.

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Common relationship between all pages

EMS had great content, but where it was lacking was the journey the user would take to explore all the related content. All the Services, Sectors, Blog Posts, Knowledge Hub and Case Studies now have relationships with each other, so the relevant pages are suggested. So if you are looking at the Pharmaceutical sector page, you are shown the relevant case studies and blog posts. This helps deepen the experience and page views.

Case Study PDFs

EMS have some great case studies and they wanted them to work a bit harder for them. Through our discussions we decided to offer only a teaser to the case study but to allow users to download the full content by submitting their email address. This then gave them a source of email address and their interested case study for the sales & marketing team.

Knowledge Hub

From an SEO perspective, having an archive of knowledge hub articles about all the common questions people search is very valuable. Not only did this help their SEO, but by providing links to these knowledge hub articles from their sector pages helped demonstrate their experience and deepen the website engagement.

Location pages

EMS already ranked for a variety of pages for certain locations and it was important to retain these rankings and improve the links from these page to their service and case study pages to improve the conversion rates.

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