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About the brand

London-based design company Laura Passey Interiors is a dynamic, boutique interior design practice.

Laura’s interiors offer a fresh take on classic style. They are thoughtful, beautiful, personal, and creative, with a deep respect for British design heritage. Each is meticulously planned and carefully executed to enhance every aspect of life at home.

Based in South West London, Laura works with private residential clients across the UK. Projects encompass both town and country properties, and draw upon a range of styles, whether classic, contemporary or a fusion of the two. Whatever its size or style, clients are assured of Laura’s personal commitment to each and every project.


Project Summary

Laura Passey Interiors had just gone through a complete business re-branding and had approached us to design a responsive website that would follow their branding and showcase their service as a high-end interior designer covering London and the South East. As an interior designer, the quality of the website would heavily reflect their attention to detail with their high-class clients. The website had to be perfect!

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How we helped

Laura Passey Interiors wanted to ensure the style of their website came across as friendly but still upmarket. With their choice of colour palettes, the design is kept very open and honest whilst blending traditional and modern design elements. As a showcase website, we ensured the design was set up to show off the high-quality professional photography they have of their work. The responsiveness of the website was crucial as potential clients would primarily be browsing on their iPhone and iPads.


The design was very important to this project. Laura, with her amazing design skills, had a very particular feel that she wanted to convey to her clients. I worked very closely with Laura in designing a website that closely followed her branding guidelines, producing a result she is very happy with.

Case Studies

Her case studies were also very important to the project as they were critical in demonstrating her interior design skills to potential clients. Not only did these have to be easy to use and navigate, but they also had to maintain the design feel from the branding guidelines.


Laura wanted more than a blog, but a journal where she could document her thoughts and inspirations. This helped convey her design inspiration to her clients.

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