SEO for e-commerce (100–2300 visits per month) SEO for e commerce 100–2300 visits per month

In this detailed analysis, we will explore how an online retail store’s traffic soared by an astonishing 2400%. Let’s delve into the details.

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We focus on an online retailer specialising in products priced between approximately £50 and £300. Initially, the site received negligible organic traffic, relying predominantly on paid advertising. The turnabout commenced when they embarked on our comprehensive SEO program, revealing a vast scope for progress.

SEO Audit

The initial phase involved a thorough SEO audit to identify potential barriers to higher rankings. Fortunately, this site had no major impediments, merely a lack of substantial content and backlinks.

Keyword Research – The “Easy Wins” Analysis

Our keyword strategy commenced with identifying potential ‘easy wins’ – keywords for which the site was ranking but not yet at the top. We identified 76 potential targets, with a cost-per-click (CPC) between 60 pence and £2.50, across a variety of product and category pages as well as blog content. These findings were collaboratively refined with the client for optimal targeting.

Keyword Research – Competitive Gap Analysis

This step aimed to uncover keywords that competitors ranked for but the client did not. Particularly in e-commerce, such analysis often reveals numerous product names, necessitating close collaboration with the client to focus on relevant inventory items. This approach unearthed several high-potential keywords for extensive content creation.

The SEO Strategy & Execution

The campaign followed a conventional pattern of consistent content and link building. The initial three months involved:

  • 1X Medium Diversity Links: Creating in-content links focused on ‘easy win’ keywords using diverse anchor text.
  • 4X Blog Content (1000 words): Concentrating on content that targeted keywords relevant to niche products.


The campaign’s impact became evident with improved traffic metrics.

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Moving Forward

With the successful ranking of our in-depth blog content, we are poised for targeted link-building efforts to further enhance their visibility. The abundance of quality content is starting to yield significant results, unlocking potential traffic inflow.

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Content is king in e-commerce. By crafting comprehensive blog posts, you can rank for crucial keywords and link internally to product pages. Once quality content is in place, acquiring effective backlinks becomes exponentially easier.

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