Delving into the journey of how a UK-based car dealership, specialising in luxury vehicles, saw their website traffic skyrocket by 147%, this case study exemplifies the transformative power of SEO.

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This dealership faced declining rankings and diminishing visibility, crucially impacting their business. Our goal was to not only restore but also enhance their online presence significantly.

First Things First – The SEO Audit

Our engagement began with a thorough SEO audit, identifying the impact of the Google Core Algorithm Update and the existence of thin, duplicate pages. Addressing these issues was pivotal to their recovery and growth.

Focusing On Improving Existing Pages Rankings & Traffic With Easy Wins

By targeting ‘easy win’ keywords, we identified opportunities for quick improvements. Our analysis found 460 potential keywords, mostly ranking at the lower end of page 1 to page 3, with CPCs ranging from 30 pence to £2.50.

Competitive Gap Analysis

In this sector, our competitive gap analysis concentrated on identifying and creating content for keywords targeted by competitors but overlooked by the dealership. This strategy was crucial in carving out a unique online niche for them.

SEO Results

The emphasis on ‘easy win’ keywords and the creation of strategic content and links led to many of these keywords ascending to page 1, marking a significant achievement in their SEO journey.


The shift to our managed SEO service catalysed a consistent increase in organic traffic and value, underlining the importance of a targeted approach combining quality content and link-building.


This case study is a testament to the potency of a well-executed SEO strategy, demonstrating the capability to recover and significantly boost a site’s organic traffic and overall online presence.

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