This policy outlines the support and maintenance services provided by our company for the website. The goal of this policy is to ensure maximum uptime and functionality of the website for its users, with timely resolution of issues and ongoing collaboration between our company and the client to ensure a successful website.


This policy applies to all websites developed and maintained by our company, as well as our clients who have contracted us to provide support and maintenance services for their website.

Support Services

Our support services include:

  • Responsive support availability during usual office hours to ensure maximum uptime of the website, with a maximum of 40 hours of downtime per annum.
  • Frontline support for both users and system administrators, logging and tracking of calls raised, and timely resolution of issues.
  • Clear point of contact for support issues and a named Account Manager to proactively manage the agreement and provide a link between the client and our company.
  • Monthly performance and management reports, including Service Level reporting, which covers quality of service delivery and escalation procedures.
  • Assistance with technical difficulties, such as data upload difficulties, image upload difficulties, viewability of items, layout issues, and any cyber-attacks perpetrated against the client on its websites.

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services include:

  • Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure maximum uptime and functionality of the website.
  • Timely and relevant software updates, upgrades/patches, and security features to ensure the website performs as required.
  • An established process for upgrades and fixes, which includes clarity around the process and frequency to support efficient and effective resolution of issues.
  • Provision of secure access for authorized service users to enable amendments and additions to the website, with consideration given for intuitive interaction/use by site users (e.g., Registration Process with automated Password Recovery, self-initiated registration process).

Partnership and Collaboration

Our company will work in partnership with the client to ensure maximum uptime and functionality of the website. This includes ongoing collaboration with the client’s IT network and infrastructure team to ensure that any technical difficulties and issues are addressed promptly and effectively.


Our company is committed to providing comprehensive support and maintenance services for the successful operation of the website. Our focus is on ensuring maximum uptime, timely resolution of issues, and ongoing collaboration with the client to ensure the website remains secure, efficient, and effective.