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GOLD (Gain Online Learning and Development), an international learning provider, boasts over 35 years of experience in offering flexible learning solutions tailored for self-paced study. Collaborating with HHBTA UK (Hayden Health & Beauty Training Academy), GOLD extends its reach, fostering connections with academies of further education both in the UK and internationally. This partnership underscores our dedication to delivering training of the highest quality.


Project Summary

GOLD Online Learning is seeking to substantially enhance their business model by introducing online beauty training courses. Their aim is to not only establish safeguards against business disruptions, such as lockdowns, but also to tap into new revenue streams. The focus is on attracting new customers through cost-effective online offerings, which also provide an avenue to market and upsell their traditional face-to-face courses, thereby broadening their revenue base.

They require an easy-to-use platform for instructors to manage courses, reducing administrative load. Additionally, they are looking for flexible pricing options to maximize revenue and an automated certificate generation feature to streamline the certification process. The ability to deliver dynamic content, including videos and live Zoom sessions, is also a key requirement to enhance and diversify the student learning experience.

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Easy Course Management

The client’s qualities were her skills with beauty treatment and teachers her students. She wanted an e-learning platform that was easy to use. Our e-learning platform is a simple drag and drop course editor. Couple this with WordPress’ easy to use user interface and creating course content is very easy.

Course Price Flexibility

There was also the requirement to allow for complete flexibility in the capabilities of the courses. Being able to create course bundles that also combined face-to-face courses maximised the revenue through the website. Some course were also to have a single fee but others have the option of a recurring fee.

Auto Certificate Generation

To reduce on the admin time the company spends the platform is able to auto-generate course certificates upon course completion. The user has to meet a certain grading and a bespoke designed certificate with the necessary logos, title and the students details is generated as a PDF and available for them to download from their dashboard.

Dynamic Content Delivery

Being able to control how students progresses through a course as well as the content was crucial. There was the requirement to deliver course material via video and also through Zoom 1-2-1 and group classes.

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